Candies Walnut & Peach Summer Salad

GGC Services

Ghetto Gourmet Cuisine (GGC) provides a unique and pleasureful dining experience for personal, private, celebrity or high-profile functions. From conscious plating techniques to creative appetizing combinations; GGC's twist on food is an "Outside-of-the-Box" concept.

GGC customizes each menu to cater to your special function and personal needs. Special Occasions include, but are not limited to:

Festivals & Fundraisers
Themed Events
Corporate Events
Dinner, Cocktail & Holiday Parties
Anniversary & Birthday Parties
Banquets, Galas & Soirees

Cannabis Infused Meals/Desserts

Whether you require a Chef-for-Hire, buffet-style/station set up or a
full-waitstaff, allow GGC to take full control and provide your guests
with an Executive Dining Functionality of elegance, regality and class.
Effortlessly, we will manage the planning, flow and execution of your
next event. 

Awaken your Optic Chasm and Delight in Sensory Overload; GGC is the Industry's Best Kept Secret...until now!